Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween pics a little late

Well, I've been on a hell of a hiatus. Part of it is the shape my house has been in after our mini-flood and all of the work we have been doing, part of it was my lack of creative endeavors for a while, and part of it was being too tired all the time to get much else done.

But, here I am! I have actually started a lot of new projects due to holidays and birthdays, so I will have stuff to post about. And I am making a pre-new year's resolution to post at least three times a week. Even if I don't have a project finished, I figure I can come up with something craft related. So - on to the Halloween pics.

As you can no doubt see, I was Tinkerbell for Halloween this year. I made the dress and the wings. The dress was made with out a pattern, thanks to my trusty dress form. I
had a more complicated design started but I ran out of time and had to go with this. Let's just pretend I haven't gained weight and you can't see the tummy, m'kay? There wasn't any chance of hiding anything in that paper thin fabric, though. The wings are made from a frame of 12 gauge wire, which I hot glued a thin organza t o, then painted over. I also added crystals.

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Digital Diarist said...

yea! your back! Where are you in these pictures? Did you wear the outfit to work?