Thursday, December 6, 2007

Busy, Busy Week!

It was my nieces birthday a few weeks ago and we bought her the most adorable little chair from Ikea. It's a replica of the adult Poang chair. As much as I loved it, the cover on it was just a plain oatmeal color so I had to do something to give it some color. I picked up some fabric on the same Ikea trip, and used it to sew a little pillow. I added on a pink flannel rectangle panel to the front, and embroidered her name on it in stem stitch. I love it and so does she!

I also worked for quite a while on the picot mesh skirt from Loop-D-Loop Crochet. At some point I realized that it was working up way too big for me, even though my gauge matched. I decided to try working in decreases by skipping stitches, but after working several rows and trying it on I realized it looked horrible. I have since restarted the piece over in Senseo crochet thread in black with a metallic thread. The yarn is much smaller than what the pattern calls for, but its working up in my size this time. There's also no stretch at all to this yarn, which means I had to make it looser than usual to fit over my large hips. :) (in proportion to the rest of me, anyway.)

I also started my ripple blanket while I was lying in bed the other night watching Heroes because it was the closest yarn to hand. I wish I would have noted whos post it was that recommended the pattern that I'm using. It's a really big ripple and its working up really well.

I also got a great DVD this week about learning to knit. I ordered it off of Amazon - The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting. I think its a bit cheesy, but since it works so well it doesn't matter. The instructions are better than any I've ever found, and the chapters are laid out well. It moves slowly and you can repeat with the push of a button. It's a great setup.

All in all - its been such a busy week! I just have to remember to type it up once it a while or I forget and never do it. I can't even begin to remember all of the projects I've done that have no documentation.