Sunday, June 1, 2008

jewelry kick

I'm gonna make this quick cause bedtime already crept up on me, but I'll hurry and get some pictures up now. I've been making lots of jewelry lately, especially earrings. Our order from The Ring Lord showed up, so we spent all weekend making chainmaille stuff.

Left: Rose gold, sterling silver, and salmon colored austrian crystals.

Right - Pink and white pearls and abalone (better pics to come)

Left - I absolutely cannot figure out why Blogger keeps loading this sideways, as it is saved vertically. I'm sick of messing with it, so sorry it's staying as is for now. Its made of 16 gauge titanium with gray pearls and lavendar austrian crystals. Again, better pics soon. I need to get this out in the sunshine to pick up the colors better.

Right - chain earrings. I love the way these look, so I will probably make another pair in sterling.

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