Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the best hubby in the world!

My husband came home last night from volleyball with a dozen roses just for me. :) Just because. I've been having a really rough couple of weeks and the last few days in particular were even worse. I have fibromyalgia, and when I'm in a lot of pain, it makes me really tired, which leads to being grumpy and exhausted, which leads to bad sleep, which leads to more fatigue and pain...and you get the idea. So not only has Bri been utterly sweet, but he brought me home these gorgeous roses! Both kitties were just as enamored of them as I am. Zuul, pictured here, decided to have the leaves as a late night snack, and Anubis tried to pull one of the stems out turned sideways between his teeth. He looked like a Flamenco dancer, uh, if a flamenco dancer were nekkid. Sorry for the bad lighting, but its really hard to get a good pic at night in my dark red bedroom.

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