Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tis the time for making Christmas presents!

Every year for about the last 4 years I've been making a lot of the Christmas presents that I give, and I always forget to take pictures. This year I plan on keeping track of everything I do as I do it so I won't get behind. I wish I would have done this before so I could prove how much I've improved. Then again, maybe I wouldn't want to be confronted with my early sad attempts at crochet.

So...I have my list of names, and I'm slowly checking everyone off. Mostly I'm crocheting and making jewelry this year. Here is my first finished present for my 2 year old niece:

This was made from a generic pattern in a pamphlet purchased at Hobby Lobby, and the yarn is Lion Velour in bulky. I didn't do too well at this because its actually supposed to be ribbed, but I didn't understand the front loops/back loops only. I had never seen that in a pattern before but I guess I will know for the future. It still came out pretty nice, I think.

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