Monday, March 10, 2008

SXSWi and a new recon'd T-shirt

My hubby and I volunteered for SXSW interactive through work (Dell) and ended up working for a great company called Knowbility. They do consulting and testing to help companies make their websites accessible to people with disabilities. When we went in on Saturday we were asked to wear specific t-shirts for the booth. This is what the before size large t-shirt looked like (I wear a size zero and I'm 4'6", so it didn't really fit) before I cut it up:

And here's what it looked like about 2 hours later:

SXSWi was a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to catch a panel that was hosted by the folks over at Craft: High Tech and Craft. They also had Diana Eng speaking, the "geek" resident from Project Runway a few seasons back. She is also well known in the crafting and fashion industries for bring technology and electronics to fashion. It was a fascinating panel. They showed several projects each panelist had made, and then talked extensively about how crafters can take the step to improve American ingenuity. With our economy in a downturn and many Americans talking about all of our products being made in other countries, this is our chance to make a difference. We can create new ideas and new markets, and make people recognize that "craft" is not a dirty word. It means workmanship and care. It was a very inspiring segment, and my husband and I instantly spent a good hour or more discussing how we could use circuit boards, conductive wire, and LEDs in a fun way.

I planned on using this blog primarily as a diary of sorts to track my crafting efforts because there is so much I've done that I haven't documented. I've been a really bad blogger lately, but I have been very productive craftwise, so I will try to get lots of new posts up over the next couple weeks.

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